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We are the UK's largest Nearly New / Part Worn Tyre depot with up to 60,000 stocked. We carry all sizes and specialise in High Performance and Run Flat Tyres.

Top Gear Tyre Centre supply and fit an extensive range of winter tyres designed to keep you and your family safe on the road during the harsh winter weather.
Winter tyres are manufactured using a different rubber compound which allows for greater grip in cold and icy conditions, and in recent years have become more popular in Britain, whilst in many European countries such as Germany they are a legal requirement on all vehicles.

Our winter tyres are available at the best possible prices, and our fully trained staff are always on hand to give you free and impartial advice about winter tyres.
For a quote or for more information please get in touch with a member of staff by calling us, or you can also bring your vehicle to our tyre depot in Ellesmere Port.

These tyres permit car owners to drive in any seasons without worrying about the quality of their driving. You just have to proceed to the sidewall and look for the M&S symbol to know its mud and also snow rating. All-season tyres have performance and traction drawbacks given that their design elements are averaged. Two newer strategies have been the most in demand currently in the market. Summer or dry type designs are pretty popular in places that have no snow or winter. With these designs, you can expect to obtain a much better dry handling and also tractions. Its wet performance is also considered superior to previous designs. Once the winter season starts, these new designs are also used by performance enthusiasts who are from places with extreme winter climates since they can change them to winter tyres

Think about having a purpose-built tyre design if you drive a pick up truck or even SUV to suit your demands in driving. Trade offs like traction, highway quality of ride, and overall performance are some of the great things concerning these designs. The designs vary from AT to MT or designs vary from HT (highway tread) to AP (all-purpose) when it comes to traction. It is necessary to note that the highway ride quality will diminish as soon as the tread design gets more aggressive. You can select any level of aggressiveness for your tread to suit your necessities, but you must always remember the highway ride quality trade off. AP type tyres are utilized by nearly all SUV owners to balance their ride on the road and all-season traction. Moreover, sport truck tyres with all-season tread designs are also becoming famous to SUV owners currently. A much better handling is exactly what these drivers require when driving in the highway, and they`d also prefer to select less traction off-road.

Pickup truck owners still prefers their “purpose-oriented” tyre selection and would easily pick AT tyres over the others. Even so, if you`re one of those who desires to have great highway handling and requires a tyre that could take care of truck load capacities, the right tyres to have are the sports truck tyres. When obtaining this tyre, you can rest assured that the money you devoted to it will be worthwhile. If you need to ensure that you are certainly obtaining its worth, then you should compute the complete cost of the tyre you are about to buy and divide that to the miles of its expected services. You`ll quickly see that the greater tyres are the better value.Computing for this is in fact simple in case you have mileage guarantees to compare. But if you don’t, there is a way to find out. One can use the UTQG (Uniform tyre Quality Grading) ratings in computing the value as you do a comparison of a specific brand of tyres. All you need to do is to utilize the tread wear rating to divide it with the cost. Always go for the highest number so you can have the finest value based on tread wear grade. Nevertheless, do not forget that this system won’t function for comparing brands since there are no standards in terms of wear scoring. Conversely, you can use the temperature rating and also the traction rating since they are standardized. When discussing speed ratings, individuals are definitely mindful about it. In other words, you must buy a tyre that can match your vehicle’s speed rating. If you take an automobile in Europe, their law mandates that you should replace the stock tyres with something which has the same of higher speed rating. But in the US, it is definitely achievable to obtain a lower speed rated tyre of the same size. If you do this, know that you`re limiting your vehicle`s functionality when it comes to handling and speed capability. The truth is, speed rating has an essential part in a tyre`s handling response. If you replace your car’s tyres with something that is lesser than its original design; your automobile won’t be able to run as it needs to be. You will not really feel the original handling that it features, and getting to greater speeds is not efficient as well. This is precisely why choosing higher speed rated tyres is a greater option. Yearly, newer models of trucks, SUVs, along with other kinds of vehicles are offered in the market. This is well-responded by the tyre manufacturers since they are creating more specialized designs. It is up to you whether you would like to acquire the long-wearing, easy-riding tyres or the style-conscious, ultra-high performance tyres. We give tyres that will absolutely fit your car’s design together with your driving style. Currently, having the highest quality and best tyres is really important. You just have to be cautious in picking your winter part worn tyres in Chester. Though, the market is filled with both low quality and high quality tyres, but the most important thing is to search for the very best one for your vehicle. If you are looking for quality winter part worn tyres for sale in Chester, Ellesmere Port, Wrexham or Liverpool, feel free to visit our garage. If you need quality Winter Tyres we have thousands of Part Worn Winter Tyres to choose from in pairs and sets of four. From all the leading manufacturers such as Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop etc, but at a fraction of the cost of new tyres.

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