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Wheel Balancing - Chester & Ellesmere Port

We are the UK's largest Nearly New / Part Worn Tyre depot with up to 60,000 stocked. We carry all sizes and specialise in High Performance and Run Flat Tyres.

Our full tyre services also include wheel balancing and wheel alignment which is very important to reduce tyre wear and prevents uneven excessive wear on both inside and outside tyre edges. We are an independent family-run business guaranteeing you the highest quality service in Ellesmere Port and the surrounding areas.

Alignment & Balancing
We use the latest in laser wheel alignment technology at our Ellesmere Port depot to help motorists like you save money. Incorrect wheel alignment and balancing are generally caused over time because of all the bumps and knocks our wheels take whilst out on the roads and can cause premature tyre wear and increased fuel consumption, which means you get less mileage from your tyres and your tank of fuel. Our value for money service allows us to correct any wheel alignment and balancing issues found on your vehicle to help you save money.

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